About Rachel

The Sensible and Practical

Candidate for House District 103

North Carolina can and must do better for our collective futures and economic well-being.  Consequently, Hunt is running for the North Carolina Legislature, House Seat 103.  Hunt is running for YOU and the values of respect, that have made NC thrive in the past and will enable all of us to come together as North Carolinians.


Hunt is known as a savvy mediator that can bring the best out of parties.  As a lawyer, she chose mediation as a means to respectively solve issues and not succumb to common approaches to conquer and divide.  As a result, Hunt will take a sensible and practical approach to the task of legislating with respect to YOUR interests. 

Hunt is known as a good listener and a leader, willing to take the time to listen to ways YOU think NC can do better.  As a sensible and practical problem solver, she will dedicate her unbounded passion and love for NC to solving problems in a way that makes us move forward and with respect for all North Carolinians.


Hunt is known as an education advocate for all of North Carolina's children and has worked as a volunteer in public and charter schools and owns two educational consulting companies.  One helps parents find the best fit for their K-12 children and the other helps students find the best colleges.


Hunt is known as an entrepreneur and innovator in business and started the first educational consulting business for K-12 students in Charlotte in 2015.


Most important is….Hunt is known as a leader who works hard and brings people together.