I am a strong supporter of public schools. Investment in our children should be our top priority. We should focus our investment in multiple areas including improved facilities, better teacher pay, providing more skills training and job programs. Our children deserve options to prepare themselves for adulthood that include more than just college prep. I started a small business that focuses on providing help to students applying to college. What that experience taught me is that every child is unique and that we must provide options so that they can follow the path to success.


In the legislature, I will fight to improve all parts of our educational system because every student - no matter where they call home - deserves a quality education and a chance to make something of themselves. We must support early childhood education in all of its forms. This includes fully funding programs like Smart Start in every county.


When my father left office in 2001, North Carolina was at the national average in terms of teacher pay. SInce 2000, we have slowly slipped into the bottom fourth. Our children deserve better! In order to recruit and keep the best teachers - we need to treat them like the professionals they are and pay them accordingly. In addition, we must restore teacher assistant positions so that our teachers can focus on our kids on not paperwork. As your Representative, I will work in solidarity with our teachers and improve our system for them and our students.